Monday, February 23, 2009


As the sun rose yesterday, it was pretty apparent what did the damage to Tucker's body. If not for the jagged edge of metal and the tip that was as sharp as a syringe, the dead giveaway was the brown hair that was still hung up in the opening.

We inherited this metal washtub years ago and we were using it as a planter in the backyard. The top ring of the metal tub had broken loose and was sticking outward just waiting for a Danger Tucker to run past it at full speed while leaning his body into it.

The tub has been emptied and thrown in the dumpster out back. Threat ended. For now.

Keeping him still is becoming an issue. Anyone that asks you to restrict the movement of a two year old beagle has unreasonable expectations. We're doing our best, though. We'll be checking with the vet in a few days to see when we can first take him for a short and easy walk. I'm afraid dude's gonna get cabin fever and go off.

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