Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Bronx


Doomtree @ Back Alley Social (8:00)

Dan Auerbach (of the Black Keys) @ The Parish (10:45)

The Bronx @ The Red 7 Patio (1:00)

The Lions @ The Scoot Inn (1:00)

*Doomtree from Rhymesayers camp kicking off the festival followed by a late dinner and then Dan of the Black Keys (a Dale favorite) followed by personal favorite screamers The Bronx and depending on how close, you gotta check out The Lions in their hometown on opening night.


SuperstarDJs @ Back Alley Social (8:00)

Eyedea and Abilities @ Habana Bar Backyard (10:30)

Pacific Division @ Back Alley Social (11:50)

Brother Ali @ Habana Bar Backyard (12:00)

Myka 9 @ Back Alley Social (12:30)

The Bar Kays @ Dirty Dog Bar (1:00)

Camp Lo @ The Karma Lounge (1:00)

Reflection Eternal @ Scoot Inn (1:00)

*Something old, something new. Start off the night with Austin's very own Superstar DJs spinning that vintage hip hop and probably some new hot ish. If you see Rodney, give him a pound for me. Again, Rhymesayers representing with Brother Ali, Eyedea and Abilities, newcomers Pacific Division and then finish out the night enjoying one of the three 1:00 options, Reflection Eternal, Camp Lo (!) or Stax legends The Bar Kays (!!). I'd just leave Thursday night, really, because it's all downhill from there.


Cage @ Club de Ville (10:00)

HISD @ Scoot Inn (10:00)

Mr. Lif @ Pangaea (12:00)

Busdriver @ Back Alley Social (1:15)

*Get your walking shoes on because you'll have to hit four different spots on Friday. Catch former labelmates Cage and Mr. Lif split by Houston's HISD and finish 'er up with the lyrical assault of Busdriver from LA.


Reef the Lost Cauze @ Barcelona (9:15)

2Mex @ Scoot Inn (9:50)

A-Alikes @ Back Alley Social (10:00)

Buck 65 @ Scoot Inn (11:00)

Janelle Monae @ Vice (12:00)

Sleep @ Scoot Inn (12:20)

Sage Francis @ Scoot Inn (1:00)

*If you're Dale, just go to the Scoot Inn, find a stool and an attentive bartender. You'll get to enjoy the dopeness of 2Mex and Sleep with Buck65 sprinkled in and finishing up with always nice Sage Francis. Janelle Monae is helladope if you enjoy that funk ish (think Morris Day and the Time meets, uh, Barberella meets early James Brown). Also, if you want to see turntables get completely obliterated, check out the A-Alikes set.

You can thank me later. The Root Down shirts are still available for purchase before you venture out. $5 hand-to-hand, $7 parcel.

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sarahsmile3 said...

Thank you for doing this. I know I said we were going to go heavy on the rock this year but I still want to see Sage. I am for sure going to see Dan A.
I'll See you Friday.