Friday, February 20, 2009


It's Friday, but you could've fooled me. I need a vacation so bad. End of fiscal year brings so much insanity. Add to it that I'm just getting over the sniffles...again. I've never gotten sick twice in one year. I hardly get sick twice in one decade. My lovely wife reminded me that stress can often mean decreased effectiveness of one's immune system. Also, seems that my bruxism is making a triumphant return. Bruxism is when one grinds their teeth in their sleep. Also a sign of stress.

Just a week from now, I'll be heading to the mountains with Danny, Dale and Sarah in tow. The trip will be much appreciated as I'll be leaving just hours after facing the Board of Directors up at work. They're gonna need some fresh snow before I hit it. Currently packed powder and 95" at the Hunziker Stake. Probably 80" at the base. At least put a little fresh stuff on it. Nothing in the forecast as of today, but meteorologists are uneducated. Good to go before all the Spring Breakin' morons hit the mountain and kill all the snow. Can't believe Taos even has any snow with as spring-like as it's been in the panhandle. Gotta high ankle sprain that I must rehab this next week before I tear into that mountain. Not the first time I'll have skied with an injury though.

Ugly Mug Coffee needs to get their prices down. It's Dunkin' Donuts until they do. I don't buy $9 bags of coffee.

I continue to be shook by this chimp attack story. The chimp was "ripping her face off" as the owner screamed over the 911 call. That's some 28 Days Later ish right there.

And now it's coming out that ol' lady used to bathe with the monkey and the chimp would comb her hair. Dude, starts to move from horrific to downright creepy.

"Gangland" is the best show on television. Disputing will end you up in the hospital. Be cafeful.

Not sure about this Facebook thing. It seems that I'm about 40%/60% of people I want to hear from to people I don't. That's why I like flying on The Root Down as j3. I don't have to worry about the girl who soiled her britches during marching band in high school tracking me down and wanting to be my friend again. If I accepted you as a friend, though, trust it's because I wanted to. I reject at will those I don't want to be friends with. Does it send a message when you don't accept like, "I'm sorry j3 has rejected you as a friend. His address is 5514 Halford Avenue." I think I just heard a knock at the door, hold on.

Slumdog Millionaire was dope. My lovely wife cried for the last ten minutes of the movie. Does that mean it was a good date?

I don't know what Twitter is and probably won't before it's dead and gone.

After vowing to take some time off from the mixes, I'm starting to eye a few projects. Firstly, there's the Savior mix. It'll bring together some of the finest gospel funk and religious material from, uh, about the last forty years. Also features YZ, Arrested Development, KRS-One, Billy Preston, John Coltrane, JC Davis and more. It'll be dope. Also, I'm starting to compile material for a Halloween mix and it'll be guaranteed insanity--Masta Ace, House of Pain, Parliament, Gravediggaz, Blue Oyster Cult, the Bar-Kays, the Doors, the Geto Boys and more. And, because I missed the chance on a Valentine's mix, I'm working on one for next year and it'll feature songs of lust, adoration, heartbreak, revenge and infidelity. Not that I encourage those last two, but not everyone has happy Valentine's Days. I choose not to celebrate it anymore because I'm married and I celebrate an anniversary instead. Valentine's feels very Hallmark when you're married. Also, I'm collecting tracks for another Christmas mix. There's the Drug mix which compiles music dealing with drug use, drug hustling and drug culture. Of course, there's the third installment in the De La series--the Buhloone Mindstate unmixed. Yeah, I'm taking tons of time off.

This Boston/New York trip's gonna be hella dope. We're going to spend a Sunday afternoon travelling up the eastern seaboard checking out New England...New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine. We'll probably cruise all the way up to Portland for the day.

I'm gonna jog the Brooklyn Bridge...four times. Also, I'm gonna jog Central Park.

Kevin Garnett hurt his knee last night in Utah. Seems like nothing good ever happens in Utah. Geez. Oh yeah, there's no jazz in Utah. There's no basement in the Alamo and there's no jazz in Utah.

You're right, I don't believe A-Rod. Not at all.

I can't wait for baseball to start. It'll be an interesting year, no doubt. The Sox will take on their first full year without Manny in the lineup. That's a huge hole in the lineup, but they've put together a decent team that doesn't include Texieria. The AL East will, again, prove supremacy over the entire league. It's gonna be drama. You have the Yankees and their doped hitters, their overpaid pitchers, Mark Texieria, an aging bullpen, a new stadium and the most hated family of owners in baseball. And, then you you have the Rays who will be challenged to live up to their hype from last year and prove they're no flash in the pan. And then there's my beloved Sox who lost out on some big moves, made some low-risk/high-reward acquisitions in the pitching staff and bring back a new workhorse mentality. Will Papi once again rise? We'll see. Can't wait.

No fantasy sports this year. I'm done. Stick a fork in me. And I'm not gonna miss it at all.

It's 6:00. I'm tired. But alive for the weekend.


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TX said...

Portland, OR is a long boat ride from New York. Pack a lunch.