Monday, June 06, 2005


So this Sunday was not quite like all Sundays. My lovely wife rose with dollar signs in her eyes--ready to spend that money. And what were we looking for to spend our hard-earned cashola on? Furniture. Not just one piece, but two, maybe three. I knew it'd be a long afternoon and possibly brutal on the pocketbook. We set out just after lunch by visiting a local furniture place. It was here we met a woman who had a voice like a mouse and was doused in jewelry. She ran us through the digits, the financing plan, the "freebies" (which I know from "Drop Dead Gorgeous" are not free at all, they're just rolled into the price) and, by the time we finished there, I was saying crap like "elegant yet comfy" and "there's so much we could do with this color--very versatile". However, their selection and hospitality had nothing on my lovely wife's evening gig where on top of a beautiful d'van there was a 25% discount off the total ticket. We worked between two sofas and even considered getting a nice new leather lay-z-boy, but opted out. What we did end up coming home with was the "elegant but comfy". No more spending hours straightening the slip cover like picking your undies outta your rear, no more crawling out of the couch because, well, the middle springs have sprung and it's more like sitting on a wad of towels and no more doggy on the couch. Well, maybe.

Anyhow, here's the new beautiful, elegant and comfy couch. Loveseat and nice leather ottoman not pictured.

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