Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Okay, so almost ten years after (great band, as well) after their first number one hit, "Fly" (which I rewrote "Stye" with the chorus going "I have got a stye" with the rasta voice coming in "You gotta a stye in your eye") and many follow up hits (I recall "Every Morning", "Answer the Phone" and, my personal favorite "When It's Over"), the band decided to release their essential collection "The Best of Sugar Ray". Freakin awesome. (Equally awesome is the perfect game that David "Fatass" Wells has taken into the 6th inning against the Reds.) So my promo comes in the other day and I'm so freaking excited. I can't wait to hop in my car on the way home, roll down the windows and blast my favorites as I cruise the streets of Amarillo. Of course, turn it down at stop signs and street lights. No, screw that, I'm a fan. I'm not too proud to say that I'm a fan of Sugar Ray. That's good pop music. These kids wrote some amazing pop masterpieces. I dare anyone to challenge me on that. N'who? Backstreet who? Sugar Ray.

One day I was watching "When Papparazzi Attacks" or something to that effect on VH1 and they showed a run-in between Sugar Ray's approachable front man Mark McGrath (that's right, his name isn't Sugar Ray) and a fella on the street. Apparently, when signing an autograph for a fan, someone muttered "Sugar GAY" and Mark completely comes off the hinges. He says, "Who said 'Sugar Gay'? Who in the hell said 'Sugar Gay'!?" and then he tracks this kid down and gets in his face all schoolyard style. He's like "Say it again, dude, and I will knock you out. I (expletive) dare you, dude. I will drop you." I was stunned. Here's a guy who stands by the band. He's true to his school. He's in it win it. Try him. Say "Sugar Gay" and watch this dude go off. It was incredible. And I have to think that it came to punches, Mark would've knocked that twerp out cold with one shot to the jaw. Any dude who has highlights that blonde you KNOW he can throw a good left.

So anyhow, it was date night last night. My lovely wife and I went out for Italian and a showing of "Fever Pitch" and I busted out the "Best of Sugar Ray" for our outing. At which point I had to endure some jeers from my lovely wife, but let me tell you, she was singing along. She'll deny it.

Well, fast forward to my ride home today. I hop in my car and the stereo was set to the radio because I was catching some talk radio on the way to work today. So, I wanted to hear a little Non-Prophets so I switch it to the CD function. What I heard was not Non-Prophets, in fact, it was the most repulsive crap I've ever heard in my life. Who's been in my car? Did my lovely wife learn to drive a standard? What the? I push "eject" immediately and out pops the CD. I'm about to roll down the window to let fly like a clay pigeon, but I look at the CD before I do so and it says "The Best of Sugar Ray" on it. Okay, I suppose I don't celebrate their ENTIRE catalog. I mean, maybe they did have only four or five good songs. But they were that good. Embarrassed at my err in judgement, I calmly put the Sugar Ray CD back in the case and stored it away in my door which I'll bust out for my road trip down to Dallas on July 4th.

Crap, David Wells loses perfect game and no-hitter all in one inning on a soft line drive to right field. Oh well, Sox lead 3-0. Three in a row, baby. Here comes our surge.

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