Thursday, September 22, 2005


3.66 weeks into my diet and I'm officially 20 pounds lighter.

Spent my lunch watching one of those stupid infomercials with people who lost 230 pounds. While inspiring, my wish is not to lose 230 pounds. That would mean I would weigh 10 pounds and I have a feeling that if I weighed 10 pounds, I'd be closer to a broomstick than a homosapien. 40 pounds will work for me. And I'm halfway there about 3 days ahead of schedule.

On an unrelated note, today is Scott Baio's birthday. He is 44 years old. And he's gangsta, gangsta.

The Sox diet is killing me. Every time I pick up the remote, I habitually type in 26 (ESPN) and then 27 (ESPN2). Luckily last night I was distracted by a plane with faulty landing gear hovering over LA. That was pretty awesome. Now, if I can get one of those a night I can make it.

Well, no doubt Rita will provide refuge from baseball. Man, this one's a beast. Glad to see people in Houston getting the hell outta dodge. Hope Steve, the Stevensons, my boys at RND, 1Stop and BCD have found higher ground. We boarded up two stores yesterday.

To my wonderful Austinites, be careful at ACL. They say Austin could see hurricane force winds as far north as Waco. Tornadoes are also possible. I will be praying for you all this weekend. At the very least, it's gonna get soggy.

I've already got my Galveston and Houston cams lined up for this storm. Should be interesting.

Take care, happy Thursday.


TX said...

Looking forward to a good storm to watch. I'll miss Parade though...poor thing.

scumdog steev said...

yo. thanks for the well wishes. we made it to plano (stayed with seth and his wife for a few days) after a 20 hour drive from h-town on thursday. then we drove back sunday; it only took 10 hours. no damage to our place, just a lot of small branches down and such.