Monday, September 19, 2005


I think anyone would agree that Jax is a wonderfully handsome and, might I say, picturesque kanine. And, from those that have met our beloved Jackson, they might also agree that's he's exceptionally bright and studious. And, even though he's been slacking on the family diet (turning in only an eighth of a pound against my fourteen), he's a wonderful companion and is quite the entertainer.

However, at a recent visit to my grandparents' crib in the beautiful metro of Lubbock, Texas, Jax guided himself on a tour of JD's wonderful backyard. On this tour around the perimeter of the yard, Jax discovered something in the grass. Something which appealed greatly to the young beagle. At which point he flopped on this back and began to roll around and rub his face in the grass. We laughed from our vantage point near the house. "Oh, look at Jackson rolling around out there!"

"He really seems to be enjoying himself." "I say!" His rolling continued for a number of minutes and then I became a little concerned. Was something biting him? Is he in pain? So I cautiously approached the dog flopping around in the grass. And much to my horror, I discovered Jackson rolling on top of a, now completely smeared, pile of doggie twinkies.

It was all over his back, his neck, his belly, his head. And he smelled of a baby's diaper. I pulled him over close to the hose and asked my grandfather to please help me hose him down but my grandfather, in pity for the poor dog refused and, instead hosed down a pair of old boxer shorts and told me to use the boxers instead to wipe him down. It was horrible. Needless to say, it didn't cut it. I got him cleaned up, but I now have proof that Jackson is not as bright as we thought he was. That or he's just a dog. And dog's roll in feces at times.

Who would've thought?


todd said...

I suppose it could've been worse. Remember when Snick rolled around in the remains of a 6-lb. dead toad? Talk about rank!

j3 said...

Yes, dad and I recalled that very toad as a washed off Jackson in their upstairs bathtub.

Chrissy said...

Poor Jax. He didn't realize 'all up in the shiznit' wasn't supposed to be taken literally. And quit givin' the poor boy such flak about the dang diet - 1/4 lb. to your 14 is probably a decent ratio considering what a buff dog he was to begin with. :o)

Srividya said...
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Srividya said...

Cute dog pics :)