Thursday, September 22, 2005


When not to do rap hands? When you're with a dude that's been shot umphteen times and lived. Just let him put his arm around you, look tough and, if you can help it, DON'T SMILE. Not too gangsta when you smile. Here I is with the g'zillion-times platinum phenom 50 Cent aka Curtis (yeah, I know, not too gangsta) aka Fiddy (which I prefer).

We were hanging out in the wine cellar. I was letting him lead the way. I forgot my ten pounds of platinum. Normally, I'm sporting it with this sweater, but I didn't want to show him up on this evening.

Not sure how I managed the crazy psychedelic effect here, but it works all the same.

Thanks to Prinkster for arranging this meeting.

Happy Friday, everyone. About 12 hours until Rita the Horrible makes landfall. Texas, show 'er what you got!

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