Wednesday, September 28, 2005


MF Doom does it again. This time with producer Danger Mouse of "Grey Album" infamy. We'll skip all the exhaustive details of the record and it's Cartoon Network/Adult Swim affiliations. Read another review for that stuff. All you really need to know is this album is a serious banger. Doom is in prime form and it can only make you wonder how much this guy has in him. Danger Mouse's production wows the listener as he's quickly becoming RJD2's replacement as the "true power producer"--easily topping his contributions to the latest Gorillaz outing.

All that being said, this is a Doom record, from beginning to end. Not to discredit DM's work, but when Doom's takes the mic, it's his show. With it being marketed directly to Cartoon Network/Adult Swim fans, maybe the masses will finally be able to appreciate MF Doom after years of scrapping and hustling--waiting for heads to react.

Album includes cameos by Ghostface, Talib Kweli (who actually drops a nice verse for once--"Welcome back, Kweli") and selected Adult Swim cast, including Space Ghost, Meatwad, Shake and more.

B'lee dis, "Mouse and Mask" is a clear contender for hip hop album of the year. Speaking of, j3's Top 20 Hip Hop Records of 2005 coming soon. I'm taking about 30 discs on the road this weekend for one last good listen. Plus we have many strong records still to drop.

Buy Danger Doom's "The Mouse and the Mask" and other fine MF Doom projects at your local Hastings.

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