Friday, May 25, 2007


Admit it. Just admit it like a man and we can finally move past this.

Well, the Roundhouse's chance of post-season glory was ended abruptly with a 17-2 loss against Guerrero's Drywall. That's not a loss, that's a schoolin'. Dude's just beat us senseless. Of course, I would remark that the $8/hour officials overseeing the game weren't quite up to United States Softball standards. One was mute and the home up was blind and deaf. And the home ump was maybe 85-years old. At one point in the game, pitcher David made an appeal to a call at third base and the home ump comes up to David and gets about three inches from his nose and I'm thinking, "I know David won't hit him, but he's awfully close." I was thinking I'd have to step in between him. Turns out, the ump couldn't see him or hear him without being three inches away. And, yes, this was the guy calling balls and strikes. You betta be swinging.

At least we didn't have the dude's from this league. "How can you not make that call right there!? How can you not make that call right there!?" and, in part two (search for it) "Hey, Georgie, it ain't worth getting arrested over. Just let it go, buddy." I don't know if it was the end of the game, but the umps just up and leave. It's like a union strike or something. Then, the place almost goes up in a riot. Well, a West Virginia softball riot. These dudes need to relax, go home and love their wives and then comb their hair. Wait, it might be New York. One dude says, in the last episode, "I gotta get up and go to Albany in the morning." Anyhow, check out this material and take a lesson in how to miss a call.

Just a note, you pull a move like these dudes where you start jumping up in the umps face against some of the dudes in our league, you might catch a bad one. Texas umps don't stand for the same riff raff.

Going to the Getdown this weekend (Wil, wuddup?) and down to the piney backwoods of Tyler, Texas. Ending it with Red Sox versus Rangers (Texas has a baseball team?!) then back to the Yellow. Happy Memorial Day, folks. Listen to some Run DMC this weekend. It's the perfect weather.

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