Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Note this day in history because the fearless, mouthy, good ol' boy Roger Clemens has already admitted defeat in his triumphant return to the Spanks. Dude's gonna pass on playing this weekend against his former team, the Boston Red Sox. Okay, I gotta get my facts out there--actually it was supposedly manager Joe Torre's call opting to go with this three starters Wang, Mussina and Pettitte instead of Roger--like they ain't hurting for a win. Torre said there's "no temptation" to throw Roger in there. I'm gonna say it now, if they don't, I'm feeling a sweep this weekend. Roger oughta let 'em drop and demand to pitch this weekend because, if you're going up against the division leader and you're supposed to save this team from its ultimate ruin, I'd be pitching in a milisecond. Looks like he's content with letting that comeback (that everyone but me's waiting on) wait one more crucial series more. Dude ain't wanting the Sox in Fenway.

Can't blame him. Neither would I if I was nearly 45 and pitching underhanded to minor leaguers and hated by an entire city. Yeah, I'd spend the weekend with my family in Texas as well.

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