Monday, February 11, 2008


That guy from the Bose infomercials won Album of the Year?

Look, I'm as much a fan of Herbie Hancock (if not more) as the next jazz head, but an Album of the Year Grammy?!

Whatever, here's the quick wrap.

WINNERS:Amy Winehouse hauled it in last night despite being snuffed for Album of the Year. I really thought she was going to win it, but I guess they didn't want to lose that refined, snobby Grammy viewer so they handed it to Herbie (see also Genius Loves Company from Ray Charles et al, Falling into You by Celine Dion, Two Against Nature by Steely Dan). I've already read some of the comments regarding Amy's performance and, honestly, I thought she did fine. Yeah, a little crackhead-ish, but she did her thing. The Daptones killed it. Kanye nailed his performance going from both the high-energy "Stronger" to a near acapella version of "Hey Mama." Relatively absent after his mother's death, it would be a fitting and emotional tribute to her and, when accepting the award for Best Rap Album, he silenced the orchestra after being rushed during a sentimental moment where he was thanking his deceased mother. "It would be in good taste to the music." Vince Gill got in a nice cheapshot after being presented his award by Ringo Starr: "I just got an award from a Beatle. Ever had that happen yet, Kanye?" Kanye laughed, but you know it pissed him off. Foo Fighters probably put in the best performance of the night in their typical excitable fashion. I don't like their music at all, but I really enjoy their performances. Dave is just fun to watch. Oh, and Jason Bateman is a comedic genius. The world of music lovers won because U2 didn't win anything this year. George Gershwin won with the performance of "Rhapsody in Blue" by Hancock and Lang Lang. Awesome.

LOSERS:The losers started parading in on the red carpet--anyone who had to speak to E!'s Guiliana was a loser. I don't know why I was even watching it the red carpet processions. It's so juvenile, but it was even worse with the E! reporters bouncing around. Usually smart and sharp celebrities and musicians instantly turn into indolent morons when being interviewed by E! reporters. Poor Seal gave such a poor interview and wasn't up for any awards--he should've just stayed at home. Tina Turner caked on the make-up and gave a rather forgettable performance. I throw that performance in with the Sly Stone trainwreck of a couple years back. Country music altogether lost last night because, once again, they show very little weight in awards shows with such theatrics. Not even the genre's strongest star Carrie Underwood could muster an interesting performance. Nas lost for wearing his "Ni__er" shirt for the evening's festivities. He just turned his album name into nothing but a cornball gimmick. Prince looked like Morris Day and Morris Day looked like Prince--neither did either any good. John Paul Jones came up a loser because he played backseat to the Foo Fighters as that guy that directed the orchestra. He's only the greatest bass player in rock history. He's a good sport, but Guiliana didn't even know who he was as she asked him to hand over his microphone after her red carpet interview with the Foos. Will.I.Am lost for his stupid tribute to the Grammys. For a dude as talented as he is, he's falling off hard. First that horrible solo record and, now, a laughable medley tribute to the Grammys--say it with me--sellout.

Meanwhile, the Celtics improved to 16-0 against the Western Conference with a win against the San Antonio Spurs without Kevin Garnett.

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