Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The above picture is the root of my concern right now. In the loss to the Atlanta Hawks (which took the series to 2-2...really doe, the Atlanta Hawks?) KG got heated in a physical battle down low and ended up elbowing an official. What the? Whether purposefully or not, he did it. Now, he's facing possible suspension for what will be a pivotal Game 5. Lucky for the Celtics, we're going back to Boston, but missing those buckets and that defense against a fiesty (and terribly underrated Atlanta team) will make it challenging. This team is having this much trouble in the first round has got to leave Celtics fans (myself included) sleepless. It's possible that our dreams of returning to our championship form and establishing dominance over the NBA could be shorted. I mean, if we can't even make it past the first round as a #1 seed, do we really deserve it anyway?

Whatever. It's frustrating. But at least the Roundhouse jersey's getting positive reviews. We're close to production, but just need to lock down a few more players.

Found a new toy at the gym. The rowing machine. I thought I could do 20 minutes on that thing. Turns out I could only manage five minutes before by body locked down on me. Yeah, I'll need to condition myself up to 20 minutes. It ain't gon' happen overnight.

Zack, I didn't know you were DJing now. Do you have some samples?

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dj santschi said...

right now i'm a selector more than a mixer. but, you can hear me abuse a sage francis song here at my dj page.

and i'll be watching game 5... since the mavericks have once again disappointed.