Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Papi's struggling. Manny's not. Youks is killin' it with a .375 average out of the gate. Both Manny and Youks are on my fantasy team. Papi is not. Thank God. Angry Tim hates Youks. I'm not really sure why, but he alluded to his batting stance and style. Angry Tim's just hard to please. I'm not convinced this hate doesn't come from the same place that his hate for teams that enjoy any level of consistent success.

Meanwhile, a construction worker from Boston buried a David Ortiz jersey in concrete being laid at the new Yankee Stadium hoping to curse the new stadium. And since most Red Sox fans just can't keep their mouths shut, people found out. What's funnier is that while the Yankees organization could've simply laughed it off and then brag about their 26 championships, they called for it to be removed. So, on a Sunday, a handful of guys with jackhammers began breaking away about two feet of concrete so they could remove the jersey. It's not like anyone's superstitious. The whole event prompted a few mouths on ESPN Radio to claim that the rivalry has reached ridiculous levels. Let's not mistaken the rivalry with over-reactive news coverage. That story would've been a blip on the radar until it hit the front page of the New York Post. Then, you couldn't avoid it.

It's like when a girl named Alexis Rodriguez was taking a tour of Fenway, a hawk that had nested above he luxury boxes swooped down and took a chunk out of Alexis head. A funny story, yes. But it's not much more than that.

I just can't believe that I'm getting to enjoy the Sox on television four times in six days. Last night, Manny hit a two-run blast in the 9th to put the Sox over the Indians. Before that, the Sox took two of three in the first matchup against the Yankees. Wednesday, we play the Yanks again in New York for a two-game stand.

Yep, baseball is back. And that's not to forget that the Celtics are playoff bound, in fact, they got homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. Should be interesting. They got the Hawks first round.

Atmosphere and Portishead coming this month. Geez, my head's about to explode. Beth Gibbons isn't as hot as she used to be. She's kinda grandmotherly. I suppose that's what you get for taking ten years off between records. Here's to their return.


K-Fleet said...

I heard about five tracks off the new Portishead, and Machine Gun seems to be the most pleasant to the ears.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how everything is always turned around and blamed on the Yanks... but thats part of being the top dog- there will always be haters...

Anonymous said...

dumbass redsox fan trying to hex the new stadium! it seems as though since the yanks unearthed it, "big papi" is the only one who got cursed .. LMMFAO! he'll be playing for the Indians before we all know it.

j3 said...

.070 before the jersey was unearthed, .250 after. grand slam last night.

do your math, son.