Wednesday, April 02, 2008


F'real. This is on some straight ig'nant ish right here. I was driving down the block in the Hub this weekend with my lovely wife and the above happened. Really. Some prick thought these actually looked good in front of his otherwise humble 1000 square foot abode. Whatta jerkoff.

I don't understand things like this. I mean, everyone around this cat must just have no assertiveness at all. I'd col' crush them with a sledgehammer and then chunk canned goods at the homeowner. I mean, at least our neighbor picks somewhat indigenous animals, but freaking vampire lions? I think a general rule for ornaments like this is 1) your house has to have an upstairs and a downstairs, 2) you have a rounded driveway and 3) you have a lawn that's green all year round. You should also make sure you're hung like a horse and can kill with your bare hands because you better be ready to defend your ig'nance. And, yes, I believe you're right--those are lights at the feet of the vampire lions. This punk ass actually lights them up at night like no one can see two huge white vampire lions.

You're gonna have to wait another day for the ski post because I can't seem to get much momentum on it. I'm working on it only at 6:00 to 6:40 in the morning. NOT ANOTHER DAY! Speaking of "Not Another Day," the Atmosphere Sad Clown Bad Spring EP has hit online and it's dope as all hell. "Not Another Day" is some of the greatest production I've heard from Ant ever. Dude's got his a game on like crazy. Ya'll ain't ready for this new record. I promise you, you ain't ready for 4/22.

Also on the music front, I heard some group called Howlin Rain today and it's dope dope dope. Dude's are on that Allman-Airplane-Country-Joe-Holding-Company steez and it works beautifully. The album is like summer camp. You just don't want it to end.

When you front on Howlin Rain, you're just playin' y'self. Straighten up and stay in school. Don't listen to them old folks--they don't know real music anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful! HE may be a vampire! Have you seen him a night?