Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm officially announcing today that, in addition to the already promised GangstaGangsta mix, we'll be coming through with a Christmas mix. I just happened along a stack of Christmas gems and they so desperately need to be heard. It'll be a party mix. It'll feature the favorites like Run DMC's "Christmas in Hollis" and Eazy E's "Merry (eh hmm) Christmas," but it'll also feature lesser known gems like Spyder D's "Ghetto Santa," Atmosphere's "If I was Santa Claus," and Princess Superstar's "I Hope I Sell Alot of Records at Christmastime." We won't limit it to hip hop either. Throw some James Brown in there. Some John Lennon. A pinch of Bing Crosby. The Chipmunks. Someone farting and belching "Jingle Bells." De La Soul's "Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa." Geez, now that's a Christmas story. Dexter Gordon. Dizzy Gillespie. George Michael. Jimi Hendrix. BB King. Treacherous Three. Coldcut. Dana Dane. Stevie Wonder. Just wait. I got mad concepts.

Speaking of Hendrix, I woke up this morning with the first eight bars of "Manic Depression" reciting in my head, looping over and over. It's weird. Pulled out some Hendrix on vinyl this morning and played through some material. I don't talk alot about Hendrix. I don't think many people do anymore. He's just like one of those guys that people respect as a guitarist, but rarely mention as their favorite ever. And old players never really get the respect they deserve. Like Ty Cobb is without debate the best pure hitter ever. Who knows that? People talk Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Ichiro Suzuki, Pete Rose. They can't hold a match to Ty. In fifty years, is anyone going to remember Ty Cobb and Jimi Hendrix? People already forgot Grandmaster Flash, Muddy Waters and Count Basie. They don't mean nothing anymore to anyone. And Mitch Mitchell was one of the sickest drummers there ever was. How long can you go and not hear his name mentioned?

Alright. It's Saturday morning and that means one thing: cut that damn lawn!

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