Saturday, July 19, 2008


I'll be the first to tell anyone when I like something. Well, the new Lil' Wayne is growing on me. I don't hate things because they're popular or like things because they're not, I just don't share the same taste as the masses. And while I'm late (close to two million people have already bought the album in physical form), I right. This ish is ill. I don't care if you agree or not. I don't even care if you go on some Def-Jux-Stones-Throw snobbery and tell me my site sucks and my taste sucks. That's alright. I'm old enough and paid my dues...I don't owe you nuttin'.

When we were in Houston watching the Sox set Astros attendance records, the Lil Wayne had just dropped and the song "Milli" was starting to spread hard at radio and this Houston station was playing the remix and it had me open. The bass was so hawd. I mean, this bass is so low and loud that it splits heads in two. Its blockrocking bass, its verses dripping with adoration of money and excess, it's a superficial and shallow bona fied summer anthem.

Thursday, we had a label in to present (among other things) the video to "Milli." We blasted it so the entire building could feel it. While my lovely wife thinks he should just make a "real video like everyone else," she's just hating. She'll even admit it. Alot of cats hate on dudes who can turn dimes into ten dollar bills. That's why people hate hip hop. Whatever.

Without further ado, I present to you the video for Lil Wayne's "Milli."



K-Fleet said...

Youtube or the person who posted it has yanked the video homie. I don't really like Wayne, I think he's highly overrated, but you're right, The Carter 3 is a banger. Then again, I liked Wyclef's last album which you murdered me on. I'm gonna go listen to The Cool Kids now.

Anonymous said...

j3 has finally lost the plot. You were dope, but Lil Wayne?C'mon he is just a wack ringtuner version of MF DOOM.