Sunday, July 27, 2008


It read:

"'s the pinnacle of human achievement. If the aggregate total of my existence could be anywhere close to how great this one video is, I'd die a very happy man."

Yep, that's Bert and Ernie performing MOP's "Ante Up" and I fully agree. That is truly ill. There is no better way to kick off this week.

Big week. Softball starts back up starting today with my Sunday team, two games in the heat of the day. Then Thursday, the band's getting back together--Roundhouse suits up for the first time of the second season. The Red Sox officially suck after getting stoned by the Yankees yesterday. Here's what they need to do, trade off Varitek to the Pirates for Ryan Doumit, apologize to Hanley Ramirez for not seeing his gift and trade off Lugo, Okajima, Coco and Delcarmen to get him back and then find drop Timlin and find two young arms for that lousy-ass bullpen. I don't even care if they shop out Manny at this point. Go for Berkman or Magglio. Trading Nomar wasn't very popular when we did it, but we got a World Championship out of it. This team sucks. Brother J says, "Yuck."

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Owen said...

Yep, Yep. This works so well. I found myself fiending for it again this morning when coffee just wouldn't alone settle.

They deserve a statue in one our parks.