Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Yeah, apparently the KKK is planning a rally in the Yellow. I suppose it doesn't really surprise me since the concentration of race-hating radicals in this town is rather suffocating. Sure, they don't always walk down Main Street, but they're out there. Remember, where's there meth and moonshine, never fails, there's toothless white trash plotting against the world.

People will ask me sometimes, "How come you stay in the Yellow?"

I don't know, really. I've always been gravitated to this area--Lubbock or north of it. It's home for one thing. Secondly, it's a pretty simple place to live. Almost minimalist. As a community, it consists of the very basics. The radical believe-anything liberalists and the short-minded, tough-nosed conservatives. There's the old oil money and the newly impoverished. They like fast cars, salty steaks, the rodeo and football. Not always my gig, but I think it's because of such that I thrive here. When I'm surrounded by people like me, I grow bored. When I'm surrounded by people who are nothing like me, I find myself inspired. So, for better or worse, the Panhandle is where it's at.

Of course, I only speak in generalizations for the purpose of making a point. Not all people here are ignorant fools. In fact, my dear Grandma calls the Yellow home. So have many family members through the years. And I've made quite a few friends from this area since I've been here. So, please, look only on the surface of my comments.

So, anyway, the KKK are going to come to town and tell their lies. I found out about it through the Yellow's Globe News website. I like to think that most communities would not publicize a KKK rally, but not the Yellow. The newspaper's website has a headline reading: "Ku Klux Klan plans Amarillo rally." It almost sounds like Barnum & Bailey are pulling through. I just figure such things are not really worth a mention on the newspaper's site. Only publish it afterwards and only if someone's injured--preferably someone in a hood.

Anyhow, I got some IPoddin' to do. Just a note for J5 fans (not my second born, but the group from LA), the new Cut Chemist record is hot to death.


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K-K-Krazy, man.

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