Sunday, July 09, 2006


It's top of the 19th inning between (needless to say) an epic clash between my beloved Sawx and, well, the other side. Bro Bro just hooked me up with his Gameday Audio password so I got audio on the game. Better than nothing since, well, my local Fox affiliate doesn't think this game is worth broadcast on Saturday and WGN apparently has better things going today.

Trot strikes out. 0-9 on the day. Incredible. This day is certain to kill my fantasy batting average. Here's Varitek who is my sole Sox player on my fantasy team. He's 0-fer today as well.

C'mon, Tek. Crap! Fly out.

Went to see The Omen yesterday. Horrible (going to the bottom of the 19th). Firstly, Julia Stiles still is not an actress. And ol' boy from, uh, what's he from? Who cares. He's not an actor. And, guess what--big surprise--this ain't a horror movie. It's sometimes laughable. Of course, the key scenes are done well. That doesn't mean much, though. The only scene that creeped me out from the first Omen was when the nanny hangs herself. That made it worth about .25 of my $1.50 admission.

I just don't understand why people keep making crap horror movies. I mean, if you're gonna go through the trouble to actually remake a supposed "classic" (which I hardly think the original Omen is), you gotta do it up big time. But this remake was just lame. Makes me wonder if they even bothered putting it in front of a test audience or did they just watch it in the cutting room and said, "Yeah, that'll do."

Crap, the Other Sox have two on with one out. This might be the end of it for my boys.

Oh boy, bases loaded with one out. Iguchi up to bat. This can't be good.

(moments later)

It's over. The Other Sox won. Oh well. Something had to give. Yanks lost today as well so we maintain a three-game lead in the division.

If Chuck is a Sawx fan, then Van Damme is a White Sox fan. Here he dances for joy as they escape a sweep at home going into the All-Star Break. I do think that's an MLB-licensed White Sox leotard.

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