Wednesday, July 05, 2006


And it was awesome. So awesome that I formed TEAM TODD to see him to victory in only the way that those who share our last name can. Well, he didn't get first, but let me tell you, the dude ran all 26 miles like a BEAST, I tell ya. And he did it non-stop. Pretty good for a guy who had never done it before. He started training by running a couple miles at a time. Then it became seven miles at a time, then ten, then fifteen and then the 26-mile trek around OKC. Remarkable. As a testiment to his accomplishments now, some four years later, I post these two pictures that were sent from my mother. Thanks, mom.

Here's me at the sixth mile or so. On the back of my shirt reads "RUN TODD RUN!" as you can see the runners glaring at me like, "What the...?" Yeah, I'm an idiot.

Here I am with the champ himself somewhere around the 18th mile if I recall correctly. Now, it looks like I've been running the entire time, but I haven't. I think I had run about 40 feet or so when this photo was taken. Since I didn't put Vaseline in the hot spots, I began to blister at about the 35th foot so I saw Todd on his way with some Gatorade and a banana. Man, my lovely wife always tells me my form is horrible when I run. Now I see it. Of course, now I'm about 20 pounds lighter and don't have my Billy Gibbons so I can break wind with the best of them. Figuratively and flatulantly.

I'm not sure if it's the Vaseline, the bananas or those ugly dust rags you call shorts, but Bro Bro, marathons just ain't my steez. But I have a new respect for runners. Specifically Todd and that guy that runs past my house about four times a day.


TX said...

Thanks bro. 2 items that I must address:
1. A marathon is 26.3 miles. And let me tell you, that last .3 is a rough go at life.
2. Those "dust rags" you speak so irreverantly about are running shorts fashioned after the flag of the great state of Texas, so you betta recognize...or there might be a hangin'.
I will testify that there was no greater support that day than that of my lovely wife as well as Team Todd captain, J3.
In the tradition of Bartles and James, "we thank you for your support."

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