Tuesday, November 21, 2006


After Clipse fans waited for close to four long, grueling years for the follow up to their debut banger, Lord Willin', looks like those "crackers" who "weren't play fair at Jive," finally decided to drop Hell Hath No Fury. Not sure why it took so crazy long to put this out, but it's always stunk like some major label crapola--you know, hook 'em, sign 'em, shelve 'em, drop 'em type of "jive." I mean, with record sales down anywhere between 10-15% from last year, who really needs a new release anyway.

Either way, it's coming out. I suppose better late than never. Now, hopefully it'll push about 250,000 so Jive can recognize these cats can sell a record. I gotta sampler of the record today and I'll just put it this way, bona fied banger, kiddies. I'll let you know right now, I've reserved a spot in my top ten and it ain't even come out yet. It's gonna be hot. It's gonna be slammin. It's gonna be all those cool buzz words that hip hop DJs use to express something is "good."

And, for those who are turned into the more independent side of things musically, ya boy was proud to serve on the nominating committee (the Cartel) for the Annual Plug Awards again this year. Thanks, Jerry.

What I need you to do is head over to http://www.plugawards.com/general_vote.php and get ya votes in by, uh, soon. Just do it now, in fact. It won't take you long. We appreciate your time and input. My votes are in. Go Dilla.

Alright, happy Thanksgiving to all of you. If you drive, don't drink. And if you drink, don't drive. Love your mama. Eat the kraut this year. And take double portions on the pecan pie.


TX said...

Mmmmmm...Thanksgiving. Picked up the bird and the injectable cajun butter today. Gotta go pick up some more peanut oil tomorrow so that we can fry this muddah. It should be hot, slammin, bangin, off the hook or any other euphemism used for "good cajun fried turkey." Talk to you on Thursday if not before.

j3 said...

Cookin my own as well. You're a little better seasoned at this turkey gig. But let me tell you, the kraut is ON like a muddah.