Monday, November 13, 2006


I gotta tell you, nothing ends a day like Ice Cube's Predator. Amerikka's Most Wanted is, by a close margin, my favorite Ice Cube record, but Predator, possibly the last great Ice Cube record was an absolute tyrannical monster of a masterpiece. I was walking home listening to the podcast of GoodShit Radio out of Oslo, Norway and dude's killed it with a mix that blew right into "When Will They Shoot?" Insanity. I forgot how mean, how sinister this cat was. Probably the most skilled sociopolitical rappers to ever grace the mic except for, of course, the great Chuck D. Read the freakin' lyrics. Dude was an assassin, f'real. That whole track has gotta be one of the most powerful Cube tracks ever put down. I mean, find me a Cube track that knocks that hard. He rang bells in Moscow with that record.

Here's to my boy, Cube.

Put that gun away, Cube. You're scaring the kids.

You know poor Mr. Jackson gets really tired answering the "sellout" comments, but really doe...REALLY. I mean, what's up with the tie? What happened to the jheri curls, man? Yeah, I know you grow up, but dude didn't just grow up, he grew out. His new record's butt and he's doing movies for the kiddies on some Throw Mama From the Train tip. Oh well.

Guess we know what happens when hip hop grows old. It ain't pretty. Here's to jheri curls, Amerikkka's Most Wanted and "When Will They Shoot?". Dude was gangsta! gangsta!

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