Tuesday, January 02, 2007


This is the look of the future.
In 2007, I'll turn 30.
I'll also lose 30 pounds.
I'll cut back on my coffee intake.
I'll take in my first Sox game at Fenway--against the Bankees.
I'll start some investments.
I'll pay off my car.
I'll plant a tree on the front side of the house.
I'll finish up the yard on the back side of the house.
I'll teach my lovely wife to ski.
I'll tell close to 60 people that, no, I won't make the move to myspace.
I'll continue my ban of Wal-Mart and encourage my wife to do so.
I'll finally give my car a good cleanout.
I'll make a trip to Austin--hopefully for SXSW.
I'll get back into playing the bass working toward live performances.
I'll reduce my use of the word "dude."
I'll have the greenest lawn on the block.
I'll campaign myself into a walk-on spot as a meteorologist.
I'll watch Bobby Knight win his 900th game.
I'll finally finish the Run DMC skateboard I've been planning.
I'll take up reading...again.
I'll prove that I can go a full year without missing one day of work to sickness...again.
I'll find a way to make it on local television...again.
I'll finally get the tan I've always wanted.
I'll consider shaving my shoulders and back. I know it's gross. I'll do it for my lovely wife.
I'll listen to more jazz and attempt to carry on engaging conversations about figures of jazz.
I'll smile more.
I'll curse less.
I'll bring the sideburns back.
I'll give more time to charity.
I'll give less time to solitude.
I'll get better, more regular sleep.
I'll cook the best turkey that Thanksgiving has ever known.
Go and get yours, 'cause I got mine.


sarahsmile3 said...

Awww yeah! It's about time the burns made a comeback. More on the face and less on the shoulders. That's a good policy, my friend.

Carrie said...

well... I wanted to be one of the first of the "60 people" that you would tell that you are not moving to myspace... cause Inez, Donovan, Maria, Gio, Krister, and ME are all doing it.... (in addition to your bro!)...
you could consider it a 'family thing' too....

i will be in amarillo next weekend!! looking forward to seing you and Erin!
And thanks for the tips on being a rapper, just in case the engineering thing doesn’t work out for me…. Hehehehe…