Sunday, January 21, 2007


Sunday night...whatta weekend.

Got absolutely pounded with snow. So much snow--it's kinda sad. We live in the flattest region of the continental United States so there's almost nothing we can do with it except shovel it and chunk it at passing motorists. I opted for both. My back and chest muscles are on fire right now from the shoveling, but I can see concrete so I'm better off than most of my neighbors.

Texas Tech beat #5 Kansas in Lubbock. Remember, if you can't be the best, make sure you beat the best. Bobby Knight ain't got no problem pissin on someone's parade and he can win the big games--it's the small, meaningless games we have problems with. Score one for the good guys.

Sent Rory off with a few celebratory beers last night. Cheeseburger celebrated his birthday by dancing with some fella's girlfriend in front of the jukebox. I encouraged it, but before I knew she was there with someone. I'll beat everyone to the question: I don't know what happened to the video of Mayhem and Angry Tim dancing. I'm sorry. I did however manage to find two different videos of yours truly doing the Eagle. Man, I'm glad I had a ride home.

Anyway, we'll desperately miss youngblood Rory and his lovely wife Roxy. Of course, D-Town ain't but five hours away (which is Texas for "trip to the store"). Here's to you, Rory. Good luck with the new gig.

My lovely wife is chasing Jax around the house, screaming at him. I think we're getting cabin fever. Speaking of Jax, he's heading to obedience training tomorrow. My goal is to have him cleaning toilets and taking out the garbage in four weeks. In eight, I'll have him making my coffee. In a year, he'll be holding a steady gig selling cigarettes to youngins at the Toot N Totum down the block. Dude's been getting too many free rides around here. He's old enough to work and there's plenty of jobs for kids like him. I'm gonna start charging him rent and a quarter of the utilities.

Model employee

Saw Children of Men today and it was much better than Children of the Corn. In fact, it was really nothing like it. The title alone was very deceiving. I was the only one in the theater so I didn't have to worry about any racial tension, thank goodness.

Oh yeah, we really only got 8.4 inches of snow here officially. Not the three feet that you see above. We had less than that when Rory and I got the bright idea to leap into the snow flat on our backs and realized there was only really four inches to break our frames from slamming down on the ground. Yeah, my neck still hurts from whiplash. Plus, I think I slipped a disc. Something ain't right.

Happy Monday.

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sarahsmile3 said...

If you train your dog all of those new tricks, can you train Dale to put his dirty dishes in the dish washer?
Don't tell him I said that.
Dale, if you read this....I am just kidding. (but not really..ha)