Sunday, January 28, 2007


Where the mighty fall, the meek become giants and mere mortals become legends.

Fenway Park.

Yep, yesterday morning, I spent about an hour and a half trying to get some of the toughest sports tickets in the nation--Sox in Fenway. It's hard enough getting a decent seat when they're on the road, but getting a seat in Fenway is as tough as passing a softball-sized kidney stone. Trust me, I now can make a proper comparison.

I was shooting for June 1st (our fifth anniversary) against the Spankees, but Spank tickets are only available by drawing so I settled for Angry Tim's lowly Orioles on Labor Day weekend. It's a divisional game in the middle of the pennant race so not a bad deal, I figure.
However, Austin folks, it'll mean no SXSW. To my lovely wife, it'll mean no ski lessons this year. SXSW is really starting to lose it's draw for me. I really wanted this to be the year I returned to Austin for this event, but look at it through my eyes. Hip hop comprises only about 5% of the acts yet they sell out 100% of the time. Meaning, if you can actually find the hip hop shows at SXSW, you're gonna have to watch it with your hands in your pockets and your head held at a full tilt position. It sucks. Sweet Sarah and Duke, my apologies. I have once again let you down. I hope you understand. Hell, I'd be more apt to try to make SXSW if they'd post the freaking list of performers before they start hiking up wristband prices. Festival organizers are some suckas.
Really wanted to see if I could hook up with the Fat Laces troop while I was down there, however, that too will have to wait.
I will, however, be going to Cage this weekend in Denton with Angry Tim, Mick and maybe Mayhem. Should be a decent time. Last time I saw Cage, it was in Dallas in front of about 15 kids. No doubt Denton comes through hard. They always do. And Cage always comes through harder.

Wil, I'd like to catch up while I'm in the Getdown this weekend. Holla at me.

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