Saturday, January 06, 2007


What a glorious morning it is. Woke up to Jackson barking at me because he wanted to go outside and take a crap. Let him out. He took a crap. Brewed up some fine Starbucks bean that was purchased with a giftcard, knowing good and well I wouldn't purchase Starbucks coffee with me hard-earned cash. C'mon, those jerks want $13.00 for a one-pound bag of coffee beans. How is this, one, legal and, secondly, socially accepted. That's a price for coffee that, one would think, cause an uprising. It ain't that good. But let's note the coffee buzz I have going right now is causing a ringing in my ear.
I started my year-long journey into jazz with, alphabetically, Cannonball Adderley. Dude was a madman on the sax. Cannonball was considered one of the founding fathers of the hard bop movement. I happened along a recording on Hyena Records which catches Cannonball doing jazz renditions of selections from Fiddler on the Roof. Spectacular. After a couple Cannonball records, I went and made eggs and bacon.

Opened up the paper to see what was going on in the world and saw that 2006 was a record year for DPS drug busts in the Panhandle de Tejas. The local news writer said that up to 9500 pounds of marijuana was seized which equaled the weight of 3 Nascar pro-racing vehicles and 357 pounds of cocaine were seized which equaled the weight of some Detroit Lions linebacker. I guess he knows his audience: Nascar and football. What would've been impressive is he could convert it to cans of Spam and shot glasses of cheap whiskey.
Was thinking of going in to work today, but leaning against it. Maybe it's the Cannonball Adderley in me telling me to take a load off.
Watching a documentary You See Me Laughin' right now on bluesmen from the back roads of the south and there's a feature on Cedell Davis who lost use of his legs as a youngin because of polio. Over the years, he also lost full use of his hands. He's been playing the guitar by strumming and picking with his left hand which hardly moves and he jams a butterknife through the mangled fingers of his right hand and uses the edge of the knife as a slide. They just played an excerpt from his hit, "If You Like Fat Women, C'mon Down to Pine Bluff, Arkansas." Highly recommended viewing if you can find it. Duke, I'm talking to you.
Our boy, Rory, will soon be leaving the Yellow for the Grand Ol' Getdown. Rory, you ain't getting any closer to the snow-capped mountains. Hopefully he's not thinking there's good boardin in East Texas.

We wish him and his lovely wife the best, f'real.

Good night! Just learned that bluesman Junior Kimbrough had 29 children. No wonder the dude was a poor bluesman.

Found this pic from our trip to Wolf Creek of the great Mayhem taking a shortcut to the parking lot.


sarahsmile3 said...

will Rory still be a part of the J3 ski extravaganza?

j3 said...

has board will travel.