Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Sorry, folks. In the interest of only providing the very best that modern blogging has to offer, I have made the executive editorial decision to suspend the first in a series of posts regarding the "Parody Age of Hip Hop" because, well, I'm not happy with it in its current state. It's garbage and desperately needs cleaning up. Hey, I'm not going to throw crap out there. That's not what I do.

Have already packed up about 25% of my collection with a remaining 40-45% to go. Altogether, I estimate that I'll pack up about 2,500 CDs. It's already having an impact on me. I feel better. It's just weird. I panicked the other day. Decided I couldn't take it anymore. My life had become overrun by CDs. It's a lifestyle change, if you will. No doubt, one day, I'll be looking for those ol' High and Mighty records or Step in the Arena, but it's unnecessary to have it accessible year-round. Put it on the iPod and be done. No vinyl was harmed or displaced in this process. All vinyl stays.

Yanks beat the Sox last night. Oh well. Dice-Pay gave up one to Johnny Damon. Guess he's actually getting playing time again there in New York. That's good. Beckett against Clemens tonight. Another name from the past. Boy, this Yankees squad is a walking baseball musuem. Throw Joe Torre, Mike Mussina and Andy Birthinghips and it's a full-blown history lesson. It'd make a great autograph signing.
Lance Briggs wrecked his Lamborghini and then left the scene of the accident and reported it stolen--which begs the question--people still drive Lamborghinis?
Michael Vick...uh...wait. No, DMX is now being questioned about dog carcasses that were found on his property. Now, we buried our dear Trinka in the backyard as a kid. Oh wait, these dogs were charred too. Nevermind. Guess I'm not hawd.
You can tune out for a few days because, well, I ain't gonna be around. I'll be in Beantown enjoying tall beers, humongoid plates of lobster and whale watching. Oh yeah, on Sunday I'll be at Fenway and you'll be lucky if I ever come back.

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