Tuesday, August 07, 2007


With the Spanks gaining on the Sox in the standings and, consequently, moving in on the wild card, I had to break out the Sox bandana that Jax was always reluctant to wear with pride (hey, we can barely get duke to wear a collar). Wouldn't you know, the lil' sonuvabitch took to it like a fish to water. And he looks quite well in it. I think you would agree. I mean, what canine doesn't look good in navy with red sock-like shapes?Tux is actually starting to really grow. He stands just about four inches shorter than Jax which, with Jax being of the Super Beagle lineage, Tux will never be the exact same stature. But like Jax, he enjoys reclusively lying under objects and also likes the smell of his own butthole. Where my dogs at?
A huge post on the marvels of office life forthcoming--most likely tomorrow morning. Happy Tuesday.

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