Monday, August 27, 2007


Remember, there's always help available.
Only three days left before I leave for the Holy Land (Boston). Preparing at work and at home, I swear, will most likely kill me before I even make it on a plane, but we're hoping for the best.

In preparation for my arrival, the real Sox swept the other Sox in four games on the road by outscoring them 47-6. Now we got three with the Spanks in the Bronx. Could be a contest, maybe not. Depends on what Spanks team they send to the field.

Had my brother-in-laws in this weekend. Jacko and I went out to shoot yesterday and came back with these beauties. He's gotta real talent.

I'm downsizing my "visible" CD collection. I just can't take it anymore. I'm packing up close to 80% of my collection and storing it...somewhere. Not sure where, but it's gotta happen. I have too many I won't listen to for another three or four years. There's probably no reason to have them out and around at all times. Already started the process and have CDs laying everywhere. Better hurry through it or I'm gonna lose my mind looking at all of them.

Angry Tim moved into a house this weekend. Good for Angry Tim. At least he won't have soaring rent to be angry about anymore. Now he'll be angry about mowing his lawn.

Tux crapped on the kitchen floor this morning and I stepped in it. You know you're day is only going to get proportionately better from there. I mean, it gets better every minute after that happens. Right now, I'm on top of the world as I drink the first cup of coffee of the day. Thanks, Tucker.To follow up on a story from a few days ago, yesterday when Jacko and I were downtown shooting, we walked by the Santa Fe building and got a better shot of the tag to give everyone a good idea of how high up this piece is. Check it out.
Cowboy Troy is going to be in town this week to host the Hick Chick USA Semi-Finals at Graham's Central Station. I mention this only to point out how stupid this competition sounds and how much I absolutely despise Cowboy Troy. I'm glad his career's bombing. I'm glad his second record tanked (Black in the Saddle sold only 5,000 first week compared to ten times that much first week on his last record). Maybe we can finally move by this bastardization of music and get onto artists who deserve record deals.

Speaking of reputable artists, Atmosphere's new EP is dope as hell. If it's any indication of the upcoming Atmosphere record, this thing's gonna be a monster. Five cuts to tide you over until the formal release of the new record. Now that's how you release product into the marketplace. I'm telling you, the independent game has it down. Don't make 'em hold out until you finally come off the road and hop in the studio. Give them something to chew on while you're out doing your thing. Good move. Good material. You can pick it up for six or seven dollars. Don't be a cheap-ass.
Alright, time to go get looking good for the workday. The beard has only one week left. Some days I can't wait until it's gone and other days I want to grow it out like I'm Billy Gibbons. I mean, I'm already passed the irritable itching stage. I could grow it out to my beltline now. But I gotta lovely wife who hates it. And a job that probably hates it too.
I'm working on finishing off probably one of my most irritated and passionate rants ever. I'm trying to tone it down a little, but am having issues in the editing process. I'll probably throw it up before I leave and give you something to chew on. Holla.

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