Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Aight, so I wake up this morning, a fine Wednesday morning if I may say so myse'f, and they fire over to the news desk during the half hour break on the Today Show to deliver us our top story for the day. So apparently last night someone col' tagged up the historical Santa Fe building here in the Yellow. And, not only did they tag it, they did it about two stories from the top. Now, I'm no graffiti artists and I certainly don't believe in breaking the law, but then again, I don't call graffiti simply unlawful. It's the proverbial "grey" area to me. Man, I'm gonna make an awesome father someday. Ha.

I'll put it this way. Trespassing. Yes. Vandalism? Perhaps. Unlawful? Eh. I mean, if a guy basejumped off the same building, we'd celebrate them. Plus, check out this tag. I mean, if you had to work for a tag, this was doin' work.

I mean, he scaled that entire building, hit it by only the light of the moon and then came back down to safety and, ultimately, his escape into the night. No, Santa Fe didn't ask for it, but man, you gotta think something's up if a dude can make his way all the way up there, do it and split without being noticed. Sleepy lil' cowtown.

I've heard of cops in this town sweethearting drunk drivers. There's more meth to detonate half of Oklahoma moving through this town daily and they couldn't find body that went with a head discovered in a dumpster some two years ago, but this they're gonna take a hard stance on. If I was in law enforcement around here, I'd shake this kid's hand. At least he's not the prick that spray paints a picture of a crudely drawn erection on an exit door in the alley. This took some talent. And while local law enforcement would like to believe that there are three main motivations of a graffiti artist: "It's used for three reasons: to mark territory, to identify membership and to threaten each other." The fourth and, most likely the reason here, is to make the news and brag to his buddies. It's not to threaten, to identify membership or to mark the territory as his own. He's did it because...well...because. I can tell you this, that ain't the work of the local gangs and to infer it is laughable. It's that old school, ya'll.

Hey, he made the news. In fact, until the world's smallest horse made it town, he was the biggest story. It doesn't take much. The next biggest headline this morning was the nursing home added donuts back to their menu. Officer Powers (no kidding) adds, "Tagger crews - sometimes spelled 'krews' - are usually more artistic, and they tend to use big pillow-type letters and colors." Spoken like a dude that's really on top of his street art. Good work. Let me know when you catch him so I can finally sleep at night. In fact, let me know when you also bust the meth house on the corner of Crockett and I-40.

Meanwhile, the new pipsqueak that does the weather around here managed to forecast this morning a sunny, hot and dry day and made no mention of this.
That's quite a lightning storm there, chip. You'd think if a storm was going to blow through and probably end up dropping rain to every town in the panhandle of the largest state in the continental United States, it might be important to work that into the day's forecast. Chump.

Rangers hung 30 runs on the Orioles tonight. Oh well. Still suck. Still in last place by almost nine games. Might wanna save some of those runs for your "run at the pennant." Or not.

Alright...I'm done for the night. Watch CNN. Check Read USA Today. Stay up for Sportscenter. You don't need the local guys.

Speaking of the local guys, Lubbock Little League tomorrow at 2PM against the Maryland squad. Kill 'em. I mean, uh, beat them.

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K-Fleet said...

One of our (Wichita's) big stories in the news was that a honey-bee ridden tree was finally chopped down after 2 years of resident complaints, and a little girl was bitten by a dog while waiting at the bus stop. Straight scrapin for something relevant to report.