Saturday, August 18, 2007


Well, it's a proud day to be a Lubbock boy. The Lubbock Little League squad is playing on ESPN as I type this and they're killin' this team from Minnesota. Wait, they're just younguns...they're beating 'em pretty good. Not "killin'" them. Normally, I show moderate interest in the Little League World Series, but this is the first team that Lubbock has ever sent so I have a bit more interest this time around. The beef between the Yellow and Lubbock is evident now more than ever because I haven't heard a peep about it on local news around here.

Earlier, I heard a good ol' West Texas "attaboy!" on ESPN and, at the risk of sounding mad corny, I got goosebumps. Dude, Garrett Williams, the Lubbock pitcher has struck out ten straight batters. Insanity. Damn, there's a hit. Broham Williams is a man amongst mere boys.

The other day, I found myself watching "speed stacking" or "sport stacking" during my brief lunch break. This phenomenon is when kids stack cups in different configurations as fast as they can. Just as an example, check out this cat and think about how many dates he just forfeited in high school. Poor guy.

6-0, Lubbock still rollin'.

The great Max Roach passed away this week. Dukes was a killer drummer. I remember the first time I hear him was on a Thad Jones record and later discovered his remarkable drum skills on Money Jungle--the legendary meeting of Max, Mingus and the great Ellington. It's a fantastic record that I would recommend to anyone who has ears that work.

Williams notches his 14th strikeout. Man, this really ain't fair.

(Explorer errors out. j3 logs in about thirty minutes later.)

Williams ended up striking out 17 batters and they had to pull him before he faced the last hitter because of a pitch limit imposed on lil' leaguers. Every out that was recorded while Williams was pitching was a strikeout. That's how West Texas rolls. Nothing against the friendly land that brought us Prince and Bob Dylan. You know, it's just how gangstas do it.

Tropical Depression Erin brought us nothing but a tad rainfall and blue skies. Whoever said my lovely wife was depressed tropically ain't knowing nothing. Go listen to Katie Couric.

You kids ain't ready for the Percee P record dropping on Stones Throw this month. It's fire.

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