Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm proud to present to you, the latest installment in a sequence of mixes exploring the musical contexts of classic hip hop recordings by mixing them in with the original samples: Del tha Funkee Homosapien's I Wish My Brother George Was Here from 1991. While AllMusic writes about Del's debut, "Del helped lay the foundation for what would become California's thriving underground scene with his seminal debut, I Wish My Brother George Was Here...tak(ing) the Parliament/Funkadelic-derived G-funk sound popularized by NWA and spins it into exciting new directions, replacing gangsta rap's nihilism with a healthy sense of the absurd...Del has accomplished much since the release of Brother George...but nothing he's done since has quite matched the charm, fun, and sheer exuberance of his stellar debut." Adversely, Wikipedia claims, "As a whole, the hip-hop community had mixed feelings about I.W.M.B.G.W.H. Some felt it to be just too corny, while others thought it the 'flyest shit out there'. Del, not pleased with the album himself, took matters into his own hands." Regardless, I've always considered it a classic at it has cemented itself deep in the hearts of both funketeers and hip hop heads over the last two decades.

It's perfect blend of Parliament, Meters, Donald Byrd and others is the perfect backdrop for a young and carefree Del to spit his lyricism over. In its original form, Brother George is a hip hop classic., however, listen deeper and what's evident is that it's definitively a funk record and a damn good one at that. The mix, while shorter than previous mixes, explores the funk roots of this incredible debut record. Nod ya head to this. Link below the cover art. Tracklist below that.

1 P-Funk All Stars "Pumpin' It Up"
2 Del "What is a Booty?"
3 The Monkees "Zilch"
4 Del "Mistadobalina (Remix)"
5 Del "Mistadobalina"
6 Parliament "(Gloryhallastupid) Pin the Tail on the Funky"
7 Del "Wacky World of Rapid Transit"
8 Donald Byrd "Street Lady"
9 Parliament "Colour Me Funky"
10 Del "Pissin' On Your Steps"
11 Funkadelic "I Bet You"
12 Del "Dark Skin Girls"
13 Ralph McDonald "Jam on the Groove"
14 Del "Money for $ex"
15 Marva Whitney "It's My Thing (Part 1)"
16 Del "Ahonetwo Ahonetwo"
17 Del "Ahonetwo Ahonetwo (Remix)"
18 Parlet "Help From My Friends"
19 Del "Dr. Bombay"
20 Hot Chocolate "You Sexy Thing"
21 Del "Sunny Meadowz"
22 Parliament "P-Funk (Want to Get Funked Up)"
23 Parliament "Rumpofsteelskin"
24 Del "Sleepin' on My Couch"
25 Average White Band "Your Love is a Miracle"
26 Del "Hoodz Come in Dozens"
27 Del "Hoodz Come in Dozens (Remix)
28 The Meters "Same Ol' Thing"
29 Del "Same Ol' Thing"
30 The Meters "Rigor Mortis"
31 The Bar-Kays "Jiving Around"
32 Del "Lil' Crumbsnatchers"


smac19 said...

shot bro.....d'l as we speak

perfect 4 the ride 2 work 2morrow


Anonymous said...

so so so bangin' my mellow, my man.

- kelvinmercerlooklalike

Graeme said...

That is the most amazing mix, totally appreciate that album even more!

Sharonzkxw said...

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