Sunday, November 23, 2008


Yeah, kid. I know how it feels now. Well, we marched into Norman and crawled out. Pretty sure that no one saw that outcome. But if you give up 35 points in one quarter, it's gonna be pretty difficult to win the game. Kudos to OU. Good team as much as it pains me to say it. They're freaking stout. At the point that you admit that a comeback is out of the question, you just watch to see how bad it's actually going to get. Someone said last night, "Well, at least they didn't make it to 70." At least? Would it have made any difference? We got our ass kicked all over that field. Go ahead and hang 100 on us. We're already going to fall to #10 from #2. OU had the momentum from the first quarter and never looked back. We win together, we lose together. I just don't understand why, when you're down by close to 50 points in the second half and you have the best passing offense in the nation, you would do anything but pass to your five receivers on every freaking play. We're working this little running game, screens--throw it downfield. You gotta score a lot and do it quickly. Pass, pass. pass.

Harrell possibly lost his Heisman, Crabtree lost his. National championship out of the question. We'll get the big ol' Holiday Bowl. Everything flushed in one night of nationally-televised football. Oh well. So goes it. BCS giveth, BCS taketh away. At times like this, I look to Scott Hall to pick me off the ground and say, "Hang in there, kiddo, there's always next week."
Yep, and next week, we'll watch the Red Raiders put a "makin an example" whooping on Baylor--the punching bag of the Big 12 South. Most we can hope for, at this point, is that Oklahoma State beats OU, A&M beats Texas and we hang a hundred on Baylor and go play in the Big 12 Championship. Not a likely scenario, but have to throw it out there anyway.
I feel like watching zombie movies today. The Del mix is done. I'll post a link today sometime.

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