Tuesday, November 04, 2008


As some of you might recall, I've been on about a 10-day search for a song by the group White Lightning entitled "That's No Lie" as sampled and to be used in a De La mix I'm doing of their second record and the second greatest record in hip hop history, De La Soul is Dead. Well, I had been coming up empty handed until I mistyped in one breakbeat search "White Lightnin" minus the "g." It's like I blew through a magic portal. I start seeing listings for a group with the name "White Lightnin'" and then I search "White Lightnin' No Lie" to see what comes back and it brings back only three listers selling. One of which was selling this piece of crap.

Okay, at least vinyl. I can't support 8-track, moreover, be able to pull a digital recording of one. Two more clicks of the mouse and I located a seller and the going rate on a very good conditioned copy of White Lightnin' White Lightnin' on vinyl is $22.00. Artwork from the same artist who designed Bitches' Brew...geez, you think?

Two naked people hugging, a big head and clouds. Dude was stuck in a rut. He practically bites himself. Actually, the artist is Mati Klarwein and dude designed a crapload of album covers. Some of them quite decent. Respect. All I can find on White Lightnin' is that the guitarist played some sessions with Albert King and Peter Tosh and it's executive produced by Felix Pappalardi from Mountain (of "Mississippi Queen" fame...dig that cowbell). That's all I know. Oh and I know I gotta have it or else I'll never be able to finish my De La mix. It's 93-95% complete at this point.
Go vote and take your headphones so you can blast It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back loudly into your bleeding brain.

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