Wednesday, February 28, 2007


To continue my absolute butchering of hip hop and hip hop's history, I'm going to take on something larger than I ever have before. Larger than the Top 20 Hip Hop Albums of All Time. Larger than all of my year-end lists combined.
I was on a trip yesterday to Denver and had the distinct opportunity of shopping one of the finer music retailers in the States. I picked up four records and two CDs without blinking and, on the trip home, I thumbed through their in-house magazine/brochure where they outlined 25 records that shook their world. During my read, it struck me that my top albums list was simply too short-changed.

As labels migrate from promoting artists to pushing singles and our business is shrunk from 30-count boxes of CDs to 2,000 ringtones, I found it only fitting to go through the same compiling and condensing, pull out all the garbage that you don't want and collapse my collection down to:


The 3's are by intention and, no, there's no theological references there for all you stupid numerologists. 3 as in "j3." How incredibly egotistical of me. It's almost embarassing. I'm working on the list right now and will begin publishing shortly after my 30th birthday--which is quickly approaching.


TX said...

Can I venture a guess on the #1 song?

j3 said...

you can, but i ain't even finished the actual core list yet.

Chrissy said...

C'mon... don't be a wuss. Go for the Top 500. hahahaha. Thx for the ride!

Anonymous said...

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