Thursday, February 08, 2007


This year's SXSW will feature performances by Brother Ali, ElP, Chingo Bling, Devin the Dude, Sage Francis among others. Too bad I found out today or I might have made an attempt to make it down there. Gasface to SXSW in finding new, creative ways to suppress the flow of information and increase the clouds of confusion.

My dog uses a chicken-flavored toothpaste. We freshened him up for his first day at work as a therapy dog (in training) at the city's juvenile facility. If only we could get rid of that poo smell in his mouth.

This is Clifton.

I came across his beautiful face when, in boredom, I just decided to search my last name in a picture search. He is Clifton Wyrick. And, in a not so bright moment in Wyrick History, he's serving a 25-year sentence for indecency with a child. He kinda looks like Pennywise.

Blue Man Group's coming to the Yellow. But they won't be making their green off of me. I got my tickets for free. (a little color humor for you there). I told my lovely wife, thinking she would be pleasantly excited. She said, "They're not gonna make us do stuff, are they?" I'm not sure what she meant. Maybe she's not into pantomimes. Some things you just don't find out until after you're married.

I'm still walking and, yes, people are still trying to offer rides. It's not my co-workers that I mind offering rides. It's the random people. "Hey, need a lift?" I feel like hoping in their car and saying, "So, how far is Ontario?"

I'd probably watch "ER" if it didn't take place in a hospital. And if it didn't star John Stamos.

My addiction to coffee is starting to become quite a financial burden. Angry Tim told me that hot drinks aren't even that good for you to begin with. This coming from the guy who can consume three Red Bulls in two hours and not blink. Typically, people who drink Red Bull can't blink. They also can't perform emergency surgery, fly aircrafts or disarm explosives.

Sarah was right. Prince really rocked the Super Bowl, but I gotta wonder: is a guy who dresses like a female, dances like James Brown and likes purple leather/latex really ideal for a Super Bowl performance? Good for him. For 79 years old, he really looks good. I'm glad he didn't do "Batdance." Come to think of it, there's alot of songs that I'm glad he didn't sing.

I still can't look at Mark Wahlberg without the image of him lifting cinder blocks, sayin, "C'mon! C'mon! Feel the vibration!"

I shelled out $73 for my MF Doom figurine. I should've just stolen it from Good Records in Dallas. They didn't stock one single MF Doom record yet they didn't hesitate to place their Madvillain figure in the window. Dudes is posin' @ Good Records like maaaaaaaaad. Stop frontin'. Stock the dude's music before you act like you know.

That's it. I'm going to bed. If you'd wear a THE ROOT DOWN t-shirt, let me know. I'll do a limited run if I can scrap the money together.


K-Fleet said...

I'd proudly wear a rootdown tee, hook me up with a large. And, I'll even pay for it.

TX said...

I'd rock the tee as well.

Prince was okay. Did you catch the "obscene motion" when he was playing behind the sheet. Our whole crew let out a collective "whoa!" followed by uproarious laughter. Then Prince gave a smirk at the mic. Nice.

Cool that Jax is doing something with his life. Impressive for a young beau.

sarahsmile3 said...

Dale wears an XL and I am a medium. We will also pay for the shirts. Or we could trade you a "where is the microphone" shirt for one of yours (unless we already gave you one).
I can't believe that it will be another j3 free sxsw!!!!! Damn.

Chrissy said...

Shame on your SWXW absence... AGAIN.

Jax will just smell like 'chicken poo' instead of 'regular poo'. He just thinks it's a different flavor, same thing. We went "dog breath" nutso for awhile even trying the "doggie breath strips." Now - don't get me wrong. They're not worthless... it's extremely entertaining for the humans (and cats). In fact, so much that David and I found ourselves looking forward to breath strip time. BUT, just made it 'minty poo'.

Bring on the CLOTHING! D and I will both pay.

You and Pilar should really work out a system with the walks to work - seems you guys are always like 10 yards apart. Maybe you can work it out so you pull each other in a wagon and switch off or something. Have a buddy system of sorts. HA!

You and your lovely wife have a GREAT weekend!

j3 said...

I can't front, Pilar's a fast walker. She was hot on my heels the other morning. I was about to whip around and tell her to slow her roll.