Monday, February 26, 2007


Last night we were watching the Oscars (watching Scorsese, really) and my lovely wife began writing on my leg. I don't really know how these games begin, but I know how they end. They end with me always getting the last laugh. That's all there is to it. My wife thought it would be cute to write on my shin, "Yankees Rule," and along my ankle, "I love Derek Jeter." I went up in an emotional explosion which sent the couch flying across the living room--almost through the wall and into our bedroom. Just another wild Sunday night around the j3 house.

So, to return the favor, I grabbed a different pen (with a little more staying power behind it) and carefully crafted this piece along my lovely wife's lovely calf. Yeah, it's mad tight. B'lee dat.

I got up this morning and went through my typical morning routine--make the coffee, drink the coffee, shower, shave (optional), rinse, dress, brush teeth and leave. While I made my way to jury duty (I have those cats shaking down there--they don't want the j3 justice), my wife went to the doc for a checkup. Turns out girl didn't use enough lather and my beautiful tatt lasted at least one wash. Girl realized this when she arrived at the doc's with my masterpiece for all the world to see. Yeah, she loves me right now.

Flying to the Mile High tomorrow. On the flippity. Keep ya chin up and chest out. Unless you're a lady. Please drop the shoulders and keep the chest in. Respect y'self.

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sarahsmile3 said...

You could put that design on "the root down" t-shirt.