Thursday, February 01, 2007


About to book to the GetDown for a few days to see my boy, Rory, and the future of hip hop (like it or not), Def Jux's Cage. Haven't heard from Wil, but dude, if you give me a shout, maybe I can track you down in the greater metro area and I can give you a few of my latest ideas for a shirt line. Zack, homie, if you email me and I email you back, you gotta holla atcha boy. I'll be in Denton at the Cage show--a much longer drive for me than it is for you. Clint, we'll catch up sometime. Don't worry.

Chicago will win the Super Bowl and the score will be 24-19. I'd just go ahead and count on it because Wyrick's are never wrong about these sort of things. Ask my brother--we're good with numbers and approximations.
MC Serch's releasing a record. Damn, I knew there were strings attached to "The White Rapper Show." Return of the Product was mediocre enough. Get Rich and Pete back together for a 3rd Bass reunion and I'm down. Only way it'll be slamming is if Paul produces it. The only way.

I finally got my copy of Main Source's Breaking Atoms from Dane da Hookup. I've never held a copy of it before--it's actually quite surreal. It reaffirms my belief in physical music purchases because it just ain't the same as downloading. It goes up there with KMD's Mr. Hood in my book of the priziest prize. Look it up, buy it, listen to it, scratch the crap out of it and buy it again. Insanely impressive album. And, yes, I regret for not including it anywhere in my Top 20 because it definitely belongs in there. Gotta love those Don Johnson's!

Boys just never got their shine on. We gotta keep it alive because this album is officially official. It's out there. Ask Dane da Hookup. He found it. It came covered in Japanese, but he got it. Here's your homework assignment, kiddies. It looks like this. Extra credit if it's made of wax.
Paula Abdul, I'm convinced, needs a good boyfriend because I'm tired as hell of watching her swoon over every cat that walks into the audition room. I'm serious. She starts batting her eyes and swaying from side to side and then, at the end, she says something weird like, "I really like you."
And you could play a drinking game with Randy for every time he says, "You just didn't have it tonight, dawg." I really prefer big fat Randy. He looks like a wax figure of his former self.

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TX said...

Funny...this Wyrick has the Colts winning 23-20. Weird how that happens. Either one winning is a bonus for me. I like Manning and I love me a nice tall glass of Pain ala Urlacher.

Did you see the old man on American Idol? Not a dry eye in this house. Sarah was literally in pieces. Painful stuff. But, "I won."