Monday, April 16, 2007


Yeah, like a swift kick to the bearings, it's back to work. But whatta nice weekend. You couldn't beat the weather yesterday--sunny, breezy. I'm digging a post hole in the backyard to the sounds of Masta Ace. C'mon, I dare you to top it.
We gotta name for the lil' one. His name is Tucker. I call him "Tux" for short.Jax is taking to him rather nicely although still visibly on the fence. He'll come around.
Got egged this weekend in what was apparently a random act of food. They hit every car on the block. 10% of me says, "Ah, just kids having fun," while 90% says "Find them and hurt them." Luckily for me, the morons kept all the egg on the windshield, but it was still difficult to remove. I never egged anything as a kid. I mean, I did the egg toss, but I never maliciously threw an egg at something or someone. I think this next weekend I might try it. First, I'll research laws that might hang up my egging experience. Must not tell the lovely wife either.
Red Sox are tied for first as of this Monday morning. Spanks lost in the ninth inning against the Athletics on a three-run homer off of Mariano. That's always fun to watch. Maybe it's a little payback for being the only cat in the league that didn't get the "Jackie Robinson" memo which states that #42 has been retired league-wide. Even better that this walk-off home run happened on Jackie Robinson Day. I mean, really, the league retired Jackie's number, but Mariano is the only dude priveleged to wear the number? Class act, those Yankees.
Alright, iron shirt, brush teeth, walk to work. Happy Monday, folks.

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