Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Okay, finally watched an episode of ABC's "The Bachelor" last night.

Holy cow.

Now, I'm known to watch some horrible TV. In fact, I'll willingly admit it. But if I needed any further proof that network television is quickly eating itself and is only really good for the local news, here it is. Here, we find a crowd of young women who are in strong pursuit of this doofy crapfart who we're forced into believing is the perfect specimen. He's a sailor, a doctor, a humanitarian and he's got the perfect smile. He also speaks like he's done too many hallucinogenics, but his six-pack makes up for it. So I'm watching this kid and I'm thinking to myself, had he grown up on the other side of the tracks and was named "Wally," these girls wouldn't want a damn thing to do with him, but all of his rented property (courtesy of ABC) including the boat, the house, the limo, the suits are enough to fool these women into believing that, ultimately, he's the one. Let the jokery begin.

For, not one hour, but an hour and a half, this dude acts like a kid on his first date while these women absolutely throw themselves at him. And it's ridiculous to see these women who I'm convinced must be drugged or heavily medicated, swoon and gasp at his every move. The dude farts and a lady faints while another yells, "Oh, I love him!" from a balcony. The saddest part of all is that it helps perpetuate the belief that women are catty, lazy and incapable of drawing their own income. It's like they're dangling meat above a lion's den. It's an absolute exaggeration of reality. I might have been living under the proverbial rock for my entire life (or missed out on some quality time with the ladies growing up), but I've never never seen women act so enthused by a dude so mediocre.

These ladies must be drugged.

Gas face to ABC for this garbage. It's not so bad that they actually air this crap, but that it takes them one and a half times the normal slot to get it in. If you needed any further proof that network television is only designed to fit around the commercials, this is it. There's a freaking COPS marathon on somewhere. Watch that instead. Support real reality.


Anonymous said...

But did you watch the whole show, J3? It's like a car wreck or Jerry Springer, you can't help but look.

Anonymous said...

this is the whole point honey. It is pathetic TV and it is pathetic that these women act this way and he actuallly falls for it. I sense some jealousy my sweet!! :)