Thursday, April 19, 2007


Pennywise knows what's up.
Okay, we're about to move past all the puppy talk, but you gotta hear this story.
Initially, I was told not to put this story, but it's newsworthy. I mean, the people have to know. I gotta apologize to my lovely wife. I've been forced beyond my will to put this story out. So here we go.
After dinner, my lovely wife and I decided to go out for an evening walk just after sundown. It was an idealic evening. Cool, damp, just right. I had Jax on the leash out front while my lovely wife walked behind us with Tux in her arms. Tux began crying wildly to which I asked my lovely wife to put him on the ground on the other side of the street we were crossing, lush green lawn so he can feel like he's rollin' with the big dogs. This dog is only 7 weeks old, he's not going anywhere fast.
I keep walking ahead of my lovely wife and Tux and I hear my lovely wife exclaim, "Oh, shit!" At which point I hear Tux's barking with a distinct echo. I turn around to see my wife on her knees in the gutter screaming, "He fell in there! He's down there!"
Tux had fallen into the storm drain.
He was now where only Pennywise had dared to venture.
In what could only be explained as pure adrenaline, I dash to the drain, fall on my belly and begin to quickly assess the situation. When I look down into the dark drain, I see the white of Tux's head shifting back and forth and whining. Tux was sitting on a ledge and possible only inches from plummetting to a darker deeper realm of the storm drain. I'm trying to keep his interest by calling him by name, but he's still too green to recognize his own name so I have my arm reached out as far as I can--trying to rub his head and keep his attention. "Don't move, buddy!"
Even with my long arm outstretched, I could only tap the tip of his nose with my middle finger. I knew if I could only get my arm four more inches into the hole, I could grab his collar (which we just purchased) and then I could hook him and pull him to safety. However, he was still too far away. I keep wiggling my body to see if could manage to extend my fat body any deeper into the hole.
I started just popping his head with my middle finger to get him closer. All of the sudden, I feel his collar. I hook it with my finger, give him a tug and out from the depths of hell, I pull little Tux. Not buy only two minutes later from when it all began, we were on our way. I laughed for an hour afterwards out of shock, but later I walked through the "what if's" in my head. Things could've been really bad. What if there wasn't that ledge? What if my long arms weren't there? What if Pennywife got him?
Tux slept harder than he ever had before that night.
Jax's still wondering when we're taking him back.


TX said...

Great story. I was rolling when Erin told me the other night. Glad you got the Saskwatch arms. Tux is a lucky dude.

Anonymous said...

Again - WHAT are you doing posting at such obscene dead-night hours???

Still makes me a little breathless and panic-stricken-sweaty to read this. Thank God for you and your freakishly long arms.

Poor Tux. No more big dog walks until that cute little neck can fit in a GD leash/collar combo!!!!


sarahsmile3 said...

I dropped my keys down the gutter, once. I thought that sucked. JEEEEEEZE!
Great story.

K-Fleet said...

I agree, you had to tell the story, no matter what! Not only was it heroic, but entertaining and uplifting. You could loose too much sleep over the "what ifs," so just concentrate on the "what did" and thank the higher being (if you believe in one) for letting it all play out like it did. Go go gadget arms!

Anonymous said...

Saskwatch arms... that's a good one, tx! J3, the story still had as much drama the second time around. Glad the little guy is OK!