Friday, April 06, 2007


Yeah, Thursday was that day. Started it off with a little John Coltrane and some stiff red-eyed coffee (which I'm brewing another batch today). Walk to work was brisk, but felt good. I was gearing up for another season of Chuckheads Softball which proved to be worth the wait.

Thursday marked the arrival of Dice K to Major League Baseball. For those needing a refresher or those who have been living under a pair of Reeboks, Dice K is a Japanese import who has five different curveballs and a gyroball which is a combination of a change-up and a fastball. It's like a screwball.

He pitched seven innings on Thursday, striking out ten and giving up one run and one walk. Sox win 4-1. Beautiful.

In other news, the great Sheryl was promoted to National Sales Director at the top music distributor in the world--a promotion she rightfully deserved. She's the Big Daddy Kane of music distribution. Or the Queen Latifah--whichever you prefer. Sheryl, congrats.

And, last night marked the genesis of another wildly entertaining season of Chuckheads Softball. Showed up early and enjoyed a nice welcome-back beer and got to the warm-up. Ah, the first warm-up of the season. Shoulders and elbows popping and snapping. Those legs waking up from a nice winter slumber.

I'm going to make a horrible daddy one day. This girl on the television drew a picture for their Friday morning feature called KidCast where they let a youngin do the weather forecast. She showed this girls picture on the screen and it was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. There was a tornado, lightning and a snowman on the beach. I'm pretty sure that's meteorogically impossible. Someone might need to tell her to prepare her for her day at school. You know some kid's gonna be like, "Idiot. You drew a snowman on the beach."

Okay, back to the Chuckheads. First game was against Guerrero Drywall. Now, Guerrero Drywall is a name that, in softball leagues, means you about to get your tail-end whooped. That and Elk's Lodge 1340, Cortez Bail Bonds and Roto Rooter. Wait, no, we disproved the last one. The scorekeeper kept calling us the Roadhouse instead of the Roundhouse which was a tad annoying, but nonetheless, we put together seven of most brilliant innings of softball. We went into the bottom of the seventh down by two runs, 6-8. I come up first and hit an absolute rope that almost went over the fence if it weren't for that stupid right fielder who climbed the fence and made a miraculous catch to bring it back into the ball park. Okay, I hit a soft pop fly to the third baseman. So, with one out and three runs needed, the Chuckheads put together one of the finest half innings that free admission could buy. After hanging a run and now with two outs, Manham comes to the plate with two on and drives an absolute rope to left-center. Chuckheads win in last at-bat, 9-8.

Second game got cold. Wind chill had to be sitting at about 28 degrees which drove my wife home to the warm couch. Now we had to take on Bud Light who actually put a whooping on a team earlier winning 18-10. And, if you've ever played city-league softball, the team that has a beer sponsorship is the team you don't want to play. I'm thinking if you could get Jack Daniels or Jagermeister to sponsor you, people would just forfeit. They would've even look for their cleats in the closet. They'd just say, "Screw it, I'm not going." Must look into that. We jump out to a 10-0 lead in first inning. We're running on all cylinders at this point. A few innings later it's 13-8. A couple of innings later it's 13-10. Going into the last inning, we're up 20-10--a comfortable lead by most circumstances, but hanging on by your fingernails in city league softball against a beer-sponsored team. Bud Light hangs on nine runs in the bottom of the last inning before Elders single-handedly shuts them down with two incredible plays at first base. He loves the game. Chuckheads win 20-19 and remain undefeated at 2-0.

You know, those are really the two best ways to win. One in a last inning comeback and the second ending a huge last inning comeback just one run short. Beautiful. I got home at 10:30, cooked up some bacon, eggs and onion and scarfed. Watched baseball highlights and then went to bed. My wife's got today off for Good Friday. I don't get as lucky. And as Good as this Friday might be, Thursday was Grand.

John Wyrick, who I'm not related to, wishes everyone a Great Friday. It's a good morning for Stevie Wonder. Real quick, on his last record, A Time to Love, Stevie Wonder apparently helped design the cover art which consisted of the cryptic symbols a (clock) 2 (heart). I thought it was the dumbest thing and I make the comment, "Who let Stevie Wonder design the cover art?" Come to find out, he did in fact come up with the concept. Let's go one further. In Stevie's contract, he actually has final approval on all artwork. I knew he wasn't blind. I just knew it. He's had us all fooled.

Be good, ese.


TX said...

I would agree with your assessment that idiot-kid was not living in a world of meteorilogical realities. HOWEVER, you may remember that last year, there was a snow storm in Malibu, CA. Believe me, Malibu is all beach. Wierdest thing I ever saw. I swore this was the end. I called Sarah and said, "Honey, this is it. It snowed in Malibu today. See you on the flip side."

j3 said...

I would contend it was not enough accumulation to make a snow man of proportionate to hers. Her's looked to be about 12 feet tall.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Honored (and surprised) to make the root down once again! Always an honor. Glad Thursday was as good for you as it was for me! Go Chuckheads! Tough choice between Big Daddy Kane or Queen Latifah... I'll have to think about it... Thanks, J3!