Monday, April 23, 2007


Congrats to the legendary Elders on his new gig. What can I say, the kid's good at what he does. So good, now he's gon' get paid for it. He's leaving the office in pursuit of greener grass and steeper cash. However, he's still contractually bound to the Roundhouse organization. As he said, "There are only two ways out off the Roundhouse and both of them involve a pine box" and something else. I can't remember. Anyhow, the above evening also marked a momentous moment of moments as it would be the first officially published shakeface in my history. We were at Rumours here in town with a few friends and a female with a camera approaches our table. She asks if we'd want to to a big group shot to which I exclaim, "Nah, screw a group shot, take a picture of me!" I gave her specific instructions to give me a clear countdown from three and then just watch the magic happen. I took off my glasses, waited for my countdown and then let it loose giving us the following shakeface--it's one I'm quite proud of.

She walks off and about two weeks latere, I'm up at work and I'm approached by a few people that saying, "Man, I saw your picture in the Edge. You looked really trashed!" I'm thinking, "Wait, when was I trashed? And who was taking my picture?" You know the paparazzi are really intense in the Yellow.
Well, I wasn't trashed. It was, instead, this beautiful shakeface that had them fooled. Yeah, it's a beauty. And only made twice as nice with the huge Wu logo. Recognize, fool.


sarahsmile3 said...

You do look kinda drunk. The shake face betrays your sobriety.

Carrie said...

nothing is funnier than a published shakeface... that is hilarious.