Friday, April 27, 2007


Now get down with this Mr. Rogers and this young lil b-boy, Jermaine. Young lil' brotha shows Mr. Rogers the "wave"--perhaps you remember this move. It's also known as the "pop and lock." Some priceless material here. If I finally had my opportunity to make my documentary of hip hop, I would lead off the 10-DVD set with this right here.
Well, the Roundhouse lost their first game last night to ol' rivals, Bud Light (or, who I like to call, Coors Light or Schlitz). Of course, with no help from the field ump who blew five calls easily and maybe more. He looked all but 16 years old and smelled like a bar rag. I don't even think he was awake. The worst call came on a Coors Light bases loaded drive that bounced back into the field of play off of a wooden light pole. It was ruled as a double when it should've been a home run. In a one-homer league, that would've been the end of the inning, but the field ump said, "That pole is part of fence." Apparently not a baseball fan because if dukes knew squat about the game, he'd know that the only thing that is part of the fence is the fence. Roundhouse loses 9-14 putting us at 7-1.
This accelerates the advance for the new jerseys which, hopefully, can be ready by next game. We got a dude that'll do them for cheap. Get your merch at
Stop frontin--you know you want the doggie shirt.
Spanks and Sox in the Bronx today through Sunday. Sox are in first, Spanks are in last. 90% chance of rain today and, don't you know, Torre will be asking the game get called so he can let his arms rest.
Wish I had more time to type, but times is busy, folks. Leaving for Chi-town Sunday morning until Roundhouse-time on Thursday. Needless to say, I'll be out of touch. I'll be working for one last big update before shaking out.


K-Fleet said...

Breakin on Mr. Rogers, I never knew. I doubt that little black kid actually lived in his neighborhood. Ha, just a way to boost the ratings and dominate all races. Who's on the next week, an Asian kid doing martial arts? Mr. Rogers ain't no joke!

sarahsmile3 said...

I wonder how old that kid is now?