Saturday, April 14, 2007


Try as he might have to prevent another dog in the house, we brought one home today. In fact, as I type this, he's dreaming in my vast lap. He's a cutie. The jury's still out on Jax's opinion, but nonetheless, in Jax's age and maturity, we both believe it'll be better for him in the long run, plus, we really wanted another dog around the pad. Woke up this morning like every good bluesman and opened up the paper. I found an ad for six week old beagle puppies. Next thing we know, we're on our way to Canadian. I kept trying to call it Canadia which I knew wasn't right and the whole way up I kept wondering if a person from Canada is a Canadian, the a person from Canadian would probably be a Canadiandian. About 100 miles later, we were in Canadian, Texas visiting a pleasant family and their household full of beagle puppies. Actually, they had only three left--two males and a female. After long debate, we brought home this sack of sugar.
The entire way back, my lovely wife and I tackled with the difficult task of naming the critter. Well, several hours later, we've yet to arrive at a name. I made my normal name suggestions which included a stout arsenal of famous Red Sox, jazzmen and even rappers. My lovely wife always comes up with really handsome names. Good strong names. Like the kinda name that would name either a really ferocious gorilla or a president. There's always the usual slew of novelists, scientists and world leaders. She's edumacated, nah'mean?
So, we need your help. I'm going to give you my top four and my lovely wife's top four. They'll be listed randomly so as to avoid preferential selection. Please select only one and let's get this dog named before he starts responding to "hey" and "dumbass."

Please select from the following:


TX said...

i say "trot". I say this because i have a feeling that the closest I'll ever get to naming my first son "Ryne" after Ryne Sandberg is to have a dog named Ryno.

Anonymous said...

That little belly is enough to make even the hardest heart melt. Thanks, Pennywise... for giving our little buddy back to see another day.