Thursday, April 26, 2007


Huge, super-gonzo gasface to our boy Russell Simmons who went from icon to clown in his recent run at the press, he denounces the use of the words that he built his entire empire on. The magic words, "n**ger," "b**ch," and "h*," were brought to the forefront of the nation's psyche again because a stupid white man went on a nationally broadcasted radio show and dropped one into the dialogue. I mean, it's the only time we really care is when someone who shouldn't say it, says it.

So Russell's trying to get the industry, media channels and the general population to avoid the use or the broadcast of these words. Oh, the irony! And, don't try and play the "Beastie Boys" card on me--citing that it's just Russell growing older and becoming more socially responsible.

Does anyone think it's just coincidence that Russell's got a new book? And that, in every appearance, he has that book in hand?

It's not an outcry, it's a book tour. Russell done played himself.

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