Monday, July 16, 2007


I've seen the last of these criminals.

I do believe that, in my many years, I've eaten quite a bit of Taco Bell and, as I grow older and consider my health more carefully, I should look for even the most subtle of reasons to never eat there again. I think I'm officially making the decision today to stop eating Taco Bell. I went to the Taco Bell right up the road and paid $4.83 for five soft tacos through the drive-thru. And when they asked whether or not I would like hot or mild sauce with that, I replied, "I would like plenty of hot sauce. Plenty." Thinking that I could have not been more explicit in my wishes, I arrive at my house to find that I was given the skimpiest taco ever which looked more like a lettuce taco than anything else and I was given, after requesting twice for plenty of taco sauce, (count 'em), five taco sauce packets. That'd be (if you're scoring at home) one packet per lettuce taco. That's it. No more. I found my reason. It's like I just finally realized that tonight's $4.83 was just $4.83 out of possibly thousands that I've put into this stupid company and even had once pledge my allegiance to this stupid restaurant when they introduced the seven-layer burrito for only $.99. But they've lost that loving feeling.

And I gotta take a dump. No more Taco Bell for me.

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sarahsmile3 said...

I quit taco bell a looooong time ago. Frankly, the food gives me stomach problems.