Thursday, July 26, 2007


Ah, gotta love the return of the Roundhouse, huh? The band's back together, that's fo' sho'. Eleven men arrived at the ballpark tonight (yep, this is your Friday post because I'm sleeping in) with bellies full of beer, buffalo wings and sunflower seeds ready to absolutely pound on a team. Tonight we had a team called (I kid you not) Smokin' Aces/Nachos/Green Thumb. What kinda team has three sponsors? I'm glad we ain't got no sponsors. We on the indie circuit. We answer to no one. We design our own jerseys, we argue calls and we drink beer before the game. Yeah, three sponsors? That's like three babysitters. Anyhow, I was more hoping for "Nachos" instead of "Smokin' Aces"--mainly because I was hungry. And I like nachos. Well, I guess we got the "Green Thumb" because we killed 'em and I was still little hungry for Mexican when it was all over. Final score was 13-1. Man, I just wanna kiss myself like James Brown. Not necessarily a thumping, but certainly not close. We roundhoused 'em.

Wait, not the Roundhouse on the University of Missouri-Rolla campus. I'm talking roundhouse like ol' boy in the video below that col' drops the dude with a roundhouse to face. This is how it's done. And this is how was did.

Respect. Ri Choi Nam in da' roundhouse, fellas. His "opponent" holds what's left of his nose even while they announce Ri as the winner. Gangsta! Gangsta!

Anyhow, highlight of the night would be when Kool Aid, as usual, blowing through base coaches on his own reckless discretion, just flies through third base going home with a throw incoming. Dude just clowns the catcher. Looked like he just slid right into the dude's ankles and, with nothing to but just stand there and cry with his head in his hands, the dude just stood there and cried with his head in his hands as the ball gently rolled away from him and play continued. Kool Aid, you're the sugary wind beneath my crippled wings. You've inspired me to write a novel about sailors and follow it up with a knot-tying manual. You're the best. No disrespect to Smokin' Aces/Nachos/Green Thumb. Good game. Just bring the food next time. I mean, if we called ourselves Juicy Steaks With Sides of Cole Slaw, we'd at least come prepared.

Also tonight, in case you missed it, Manny Ramirez hit the third longest home run in the history of Jacobs Field in Cleveland as the Sox came alive and won 14-9 and, Spankee fans, Yankees lost to the Royals 7-0. Yeah, good night. AL East lead is back up to 7.5 games.

You know, I came across a video on YouTube that just blew me away. Normally, it takes a lot. Not because I'm so refined, but because, well, I'm a jerk and I'm hard to impress sometimes. It's a promo video of the great De La Soul as they were beginning to launch headlong into the promo tour for the classic Three Feet High and Rising. Pay particularly close a few things. Firstly, Trugoy's continuously saying, "Dis is..." as in "Dis is the De La poster," or "Dis is the wall of expression." If you've heard "Afro Connections" on De La Soul is Dead, then you know what I'm talking about. Also, Prince Paul straight giving away the tricks of the trade as he puts on a Disney record and just gives you a beat. Insanity. Also, DMC from, duh, Run DMC at a promo party getting his groove on with a young lady. Daddy O from Stetsa wearing a straight Cosby sweater. Awesome stuff. Enjoy.

Man, I couldn't have started your weekend off any better. You owe me. Now have yourself a nice Friday. Go out and enjoy the sun wherever you are and buy multiple copies of De La Soul is Dead, you idiot.


K-Fleet said...

Great De La clip, never have I been more educated on an album (3 Feet High) I love so much, and I can always count on The Root to entertain and come correct.

sarahsmile3 said...

The sun is boycotting Austin.