Thursday, July 26, 2007


While I officially retired the "Popular Culture's Complete Misrepresentation of Hip Hop" posts with discovery that truck stops were selling Def Jam clothing, this was sent in from reader Scumdog Steev in H-Town and I felt it deserved a spot.

Look, there's nothing less gangsta than having your face illustrated on the side of a bag of potato chips (except maybe having your mug on box of doggie biscuits). Here we find Westside Connection's Mack 10 (see also "MAC 10"--a fully automatic .45 caliber handgun) gracing what looks to be the worst potato product in the history of Idaho.

I like how they try to make him look all "hawd" with the brick wall behind him like, "This is the street snacks right here." Really trying to seize that urban market because in the white collar world of marketing and advertising design, "bricks" represent "the streets." Mack's on the front looking really high and I would attribute that to a poor illustration. He looks like he woke up hungover after a night of heavy binge drinking. He certainly doesn't look "hawd." He looks like he's one punch in the belly from puking and then taking a five hour nap. Maybe it was the chips.

And, no, just because they're "red hot cheddar cheese" doesn't mean their more gangsta. That chalk they paint onto the chips is played. The salt and vinegar chips are clearly the most gangsta. This bag just screams salt sores and heartburn. And you gotta love the way random "Say No to Drugs" message through the middle of the bag. It looks like either they were asked to do it by local law enforcement or they thought it would sugarcoat the Rap Snack experience.

"Daddy, can I have these Mack 10 potato chips?"

"Mack 10? Is he a rapper? Hell no, I hate those rapper guys. Oh wait, 'say no to drugs?' I must have been wrong about rappers. They're actually pretty good guys. Okay, young'un. You can have the Mack 10 potato chips."

Looks like Mack 10 should've said no to drugs. And you should say no to red hot cheddar cheese Mack 10 potato chips. In fact, as a general rule, you might want to steer clear of any food that has a rapper on it--Mack 10 or otherwise.

Happy Thursday.


K-Fleet said...

I bought three bags of these a few years ago from some kids selling them for a church fundraiser. I didn't see Mack 10, but was able to get Master P, Bell Biv Devoe, and LL Cool J. I never ate them, but kept as souvenirs until I trashed them during my move.

j3 said...

Bell Biv Devoe was one of my favorite rap groups EVER...they were awesome.

K-Fleet said...

I know, I found that quite ironic and that's the first thing I said to the person when I purchased them. I guess there were a lack of true "big names" to put there, hee hee.

K-Fleet said...

In further research on google, I must have had the 1st edition Master P chips because the new bag is the Platinum edition with a different picture. Dang, I shoulda kept em. I noticed they've also added such "big names" as Ms. Toi and Pretty Willie. The one that had me rolling was Yung Joc's Cheese Curls. He's a quote off a distribution site:

"Rap Snacks Potato Chips
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is an entrepreneurial cooker from the inner city of Philly and markets his great product only locally. Featuring various local Rapper’s from the area these chips are not only good but also support local schools and charities."

1) If they're only locally, how did I get them in Springfield, MO and 2) Mack 10, Big Tymers, Master P, and Yung Joc are from Philly? Really?
Sounds a little modest yet grossly over-hyped.

Nancycpzu said...

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